Our newest publication …

We are very pleased to announce our latest publication in association with Swiss Space Tourism.

This book touches on the history of space tourism and its major players. It primarily considers all the training one space tourist candidate, Boris Otter, has completed in readiness for his flight into space. In addition, the book outlines how you too might take a flight above the Karman line (that is, 100 km above sea level) through becoming an Active Member of Swiss Space Tourism, for only US$100.

Further information about how to become an active member of Swiss Space Tourism can be found at www.swiss-space-tourism.ch

Please note: this book is available for pre-order purchase and will be dispatched in early October upon receipt of our first batch of books.

Our latest book reviews …

Two of Curtis Press’ books reviewed by Fahrenheit (Pop Science Book Club). Take a look at reviews of Afterglow: Reflecting with the Apollo Astronauts on Their Missions and Lives and The Journey to Moonwalking: The People that Enabled Footprints on the Moon

About Curtis Press

Curtis Press offers authors an efficient, professional way of publishing their work, offering first-class book production and global distribution, competitively priced books, and focused marketing campaigns.

Curtis Press is founded on the principle of providing a simple platform from which science can be published and globally distributed. Its founder, Neil Shuttlewood, a Bachelor of Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia, invites both new and experienced authors to submit book proposals in the areas of:

  • astronomy and planetary science, plasma cosmology, space exploration, and space tourism;
  • speculative science; and
  • artificial intelligence.

If, however, your book does not fall into one of these categories, we still welcome the opportunity to assess its suitability for publication.

Curtis Press produces books to the highest standard and provides targeted marketing to accompany its North American book distribution, by SCB Distributors.