Becoming an Author

On this page there is a link to enable you to download a Book Proposal Form. It is your way of communicating your book idea with us. In addition, the form provides you with an opportunity, even at this very early stage, to provide Curtis Press with a detailed potential market for your book including individuals and institutions that might be interest in placing advance orders.

At contract, we will send you guidelines for preparing and submitting your manuscript. These guidelines will include the file formats that are acceptable to Curtis Press’ production team.

Upon delivery of your manuscript, copy editorial and typesetting will begin. This work is all undertaken in the UK to the highest book production standards. During production time, you will be asked to start to consider the marketing in more detail Рproviding Curtis Press with any additional information, not supplied on the book proposal form, that we might require to maximize sales of your book. Finally, your book will be printed, in colour where necessary, after which you will receive your complimentary copies and your book will be brought to market.

Click here to download our Book Proposal Form.