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“The man of science has learned to believe in justification, not by faith, but by verification.”

Thomas Huxley

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Nonscience Returns

…superb science from the ever lively and fascinating Brian Ford Carol Vorderman

I love this book. It is brilliant Mike Sutton

… this book is witty and a great read [and] carries an important message Peter Hollands

This book should be read by everybody PeakReview, Amazon

An exciting new and updated edition of Brian J. Ford’s powerful best-seller, Nonscience!

This extraordinary book reveals a world dominated by Experts. For these all-powerful people, public image and media exposure are all that matters. Scientists, eager to discover the truth, have been superseded by Experts who use confusing language to dominate us and lay claim to colossal grants. Integrity and objectivity are gone; opportunism and duplicity reign.

Discover Cold Fusion

Now for the first time ever in graphical form, an incredible story of scientific courage based on true events. It was a revolutionary new source of energy that could save the planet from mass extinction. But when two chemists shared their scientific discovery with the world, there was anything but jubilation. How did a small chemistry experiment turn into one of the greatest scientific mysteries ever encountered? And will ultra-clean power generators be ready to save the world before it’s too late?

This Limited Edition 32-page B&W comic with full-colour cover art delivers science like you’ve never seen it. Available now!

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